OK, the moment we’ve been waiting for… well, I have at least :) After completing the first 5 day cycle from the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, it’s time to take some measurements and photos. Remember, this is just 5 days, not a complete week… and Remember, the first day was a cheat day, so really, it’s like 4 day results.

Xtreme Fat Loss ResultsDuring this first 5 day cycle I released 3 pounds, .8% body fat, and 3/4 inch from my waist, which to me is absolutely outstanding because I had hit a two week plateau where my weight and body fat percentage would not budge at all. It’s also more difficult to release the last few pounds of stubborn belly fat when you are already lean, so I am quite pleased.

Some of the weight loss was water and waste. Going through the fast day and the shake day really cleaned me out.. Sorry for that, but it had to be said ;p

This weigh in followed an extremely high protein day so I’m sure some of that food is still in my digestive system. And these pictures were taken after I had a cheat meal for breakfast.

Xtreme Fat Loss ResultsIt’s never been about the numbers for me. It’s all about appearance and I am absolutely pleased with what I’m seeing in the mirror so far. My shorts are falling off me. Time for a new belt. I find that when my cloths become looser around the waist, it’s a major motivator for me.

My upper abs are definitely popping out more and I’m starting to see some definition in my lower abdominal region, but still some serious work to do there.

If you would like to compare them to my before photos you can check them out on my Day 1 post. If the weather co-operates I will be taking the remainder of my photos in the same spot outdoors at the same time to make sure they are consistent. I wanted to do that with my before pictures, but it was in the 40’s and raining that day.

So here’s my thoughts about the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet so far…

Following a different workout each day and a different type of eating plan each day has helped with my motivation. It kind of forces you to take it one day at a time and make the most out of each day instead of thinking too long term. That’s been a feeling that has been echoed in the support community as well.

Working out every day has been tough. I was really feeling it for the first 4 days because I wasn’t use to this style of training. It was a big shock to my body. However, I feel absolutely awesome today and am no longer sore. There are a few people who have completed two cycles and are still sore. This is definitely over-training, but it’s only for the short term.

Results have varied within the support community group with the greatest amount of weight loss being 7 pounds, but on average it’s been 3 pounds for the first five day cycle.

We definitely learned from the experience of the first five days and will apply it to make the second five day cycle even better. For example, many of us found it difficult to consume the amount of calories for the moderate carb day and the high protein day. Some people stuck with the numbers and ate what the numbers said instead of listening to their body’s and only eating to satisfaction.

It’s not too often where you find a diet that starts off with a cheat day, where you can eat what you want, and on two of the other days has you feeling like you can’t possibly eat all the food that’s recommended.

I think there will be many of us who will be eating just a little bit less than our calculated numbers for the moderate carb and high protein day during this second cycle.

Right now I feel awesome! I don’t feel like I’m on a diet at all. That’s probably because I’m on a cheat day and the last two days have been extremely satisfying for me in terms of the amount of food. Even the shake day was a blast for me.

Although the fast day was a lot easier than I thought it would be, I still am not looking forward to it too much. I’m looking forward to seeing how I feel during the second fast day tomorrow.

Today, I’m not planning on cheating as much, simply because I’m not craving much junk. I did have boxed cereal for breakfast, which I haven’t eaten in years. I’ll definitely have a chocolate bar.

It’s been interesting to hear how people’s cravings have changed while on this diet. I’ve heard many of the members mention that they are craving fruit, which is a big change from chocolate. My cravings have definitely gone way down… I LOVE Chocolate! I think it’s because the peanut butter in two of the shakes I’ve had this week and the honey in another shake. Some members are still experiencing chocolate cravings and are making plans to overcome them during the second cycle.

Right now my thoughts are, “This program isn’t as Xtreme as I was expecting… yet it is.” Some days are tougher than others, but all in all, I don’t think it’s going to be as difficult to stick with for 25 days as I had originally thought. The support of my community has helped and having a goal of looking my best ever for our upcoming beach vacation is really driving me forward, but it’s the changes in my body that are really exciting me and pushing me to complete the program.

There were a few reasons why I decided to follow the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

1) To break through a plateau and release the last few pounds of stubborn belly fat

2) I LOVE a challenge. This was something different. It’s a set 25 day challenge that would force myself to step outside of my comfort zone, push myself harder, and try something new that my body wasn’t use to.

3) With beach season just about here and a beach vacation planned, with a goal of looking my absolute best, I knew that I would have to make some temporary extreme efforts.

4) To see if the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet truly will produce more rapid fat loss results than the traditional carb and calorie cycling that I’ve been use to following.

I’m not going to come to any conclusions until I have completed the entire 25 day cycle and not only see the results that I experience, but also see the results that the members of my community experience.

So far so good. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience during the second 5 day cycle with you. We’ll see if it’s any different.

To achieving your limitless potential,

Fat Loss Expert Scott Tousignant

Scott Tousignant

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