We’re now onto the second fast day of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. As I mentioned yesterday, I was actually looking forward to this day. I guess it was because I already had one fast day under my belt and yesterday was a cheat day so I had plenty of food in me.

Once again I surprised myself and got through the day without much of a problem. I kept myself very busy throughout the day and believe it or not, exercising 3 times on these fast days really helps get you through any feelings of hunger.

I felt a bit hungry around 3pm. I think that was because Angie was baking Noelle’s birthday cake. I brought Shayne to the movies and that kept me occupied. Movie popcorn doesn’t appeal to me so I was more than fine. My energy started to plummet around 7pm and that’s when I went for a 30 minute bike ride, which picked me up for a bit. By 9pm I was spent… totally exhausted!

Although I am proud of myself for getting through this fast day and surprised at the fact that I can actually do it, I would much rather eat food ;)

I admit that there were times during the afternoon and evening when I thought to myself, “I wish I were still following Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat nutrition lifestyle that I’m accustomed to. Part of these thoughts came from thinking about tomorrow, which is my daughter’s 7th birthday party and I won’t be able to have a slice of Angie’s delicious cake that she baked Noelle. If I was following Burn The Fat I would have allowed myself the slice of cake and made sure that I was still in a caloric deficit for the day.

There were moments during the day when I thought to myself, “Why am I following this Xtreme Fat Loss plan?” But, all that I had to do was turn to my support community and read all the successes that have been going on.

One big success came from Staci who completed a half marathon in 1 hour 52 minutes today. Congratulations Staci! This was one of her concerns while following the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. She wasn’t sure if she would have enough energy to complete the half marathon and this was an important event for her. She was smart enough to make some minor modifications in the two days leading up to the half marathon, and is now ready to follow the plan as normal.

To keep me going I read through my journal and all the great comments and feelings I was writing down from my experience during the first 5 day cycle. Xtreme Fat Loss helped me break through a plateau and I’m grateful for that. I also read through my goals countless times today, looked at the pictures of myself that I was aiming to look better than, and looked at pictures of the beach vacation resort that we’ll be staying at in a few weeks. That kept me moving forward.

I’m glad that the second fast day is over and really looking forward to the shake day tomorrow. It’s actually one of my favorite days with so many tasty shakes to choose from.

I’m looking forward to checking in tomorrow. Keep up the great work everyone who is following this journey along with me.

To achieving your limitless potential,

Fat Loss Expert Scott Tousignant

Scott Tousignant

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