For the next 25 days I will be documenting my journey on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. I’ll be sharing my thoughts, feelings, experiences, and results with you along the way, as well as the experiences of the members within my support community who are following along with me.

I am beginning this journey on May 9th, 2010 which is Mother’s Day. I had planned it out this way because the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet begins with a cheat day (pretty cool eh?). I knew that I would be indulging in deserts and pizza so it worked out perfect. It was way too funny to explain to my family members as I was eating pizza and brownies that I’m on a diet and this food was a part of it ;)

It’s very important to note that I have spent five days preparing for this journey. I read through the manuals twice, bought my groceries in advance, made sure the I understood everything about the diet as well as the workouts, watched the workout videos and performed a few reps of some of the exercises I wasn’t familiar with, and conducted three group coaching calls with the members of my support community to make sure that we all were crystal clear on all the details that the program entailed.

The workouts are challenging so it was important to help our members who were beginner level trainees make the necessary modifications to suit their fitness level.

The first task of the day was to take my measurements and before pictures. Here they are…

Xtreme Fat Loss before pictureMy goal on this program is to release the last 5-10 pounds of stubborn belly fat without sacrificing any muscle mass and look my absolute best ever.

I have been training hard for the past two months and eating well, but the fat is coming off a lot slower than it ever has for me in the past. I’m 34 years old and I can honestly say that it was easier for me to melt fat of my body two years ago than it is today. That’s one of the big reasons why I took Joel Marion up on this 25 day Xtreme Fat Loss challenge.

Xtreme Fat Loss before picutureI really wanted to be consistent with where and when I take my photos. I would have preferred to take them in the out door natural light, but it was rainy and freezing out. I’ll be taking photos at the end of each of the 5 day cycles to document my journey. It’s my appearance that means the most to me. The scale and body fat measurements certainly matter, but I’m going for a super lean look so I look stunning on the beach this summer.

Xtreme Fat Loss before pictureOK, now it’s time for my unflattering picture…

I found it difficult to tell how much fat I had in the pictures (which is why I would prefer to take them in natural out door lighting), so I decided to do a close up pinch test ;) Yuck!

Right now I am lean, but my goal is to be super lean and muscular. Every time that I bend down to tie my shoes I am reminded of that last bit of stubborn belly fat because it rolls over the top of my pants. I can’t stand that! Even when I’m sitting the lower belly fat is apparent. That’s what I want to get rid of once and for all! I will be totally ecstatic if I can shed this lower belly fat rapidly during the next 25 days on the Xtreme Fat Loss plan.

You just heard me mention “Once and for all!” That’s important to me. I’ve gone through a great transformation before, but last summer I fell into the trap of listening to my friends say, “Come on, why don’t you live a little. Have a few beers with us, have some greasy fries…” Well, it’s quite obvious why most people who say “Why don’t you live a little” are not in the healthiest of physical states. I gained about 10 pounds during that summer and I don’t ever want to do that again.

I listened to a great interview with my buddy Tom Venuto where he mentioned having a certain number or visual where you don’t allow yourself to go beyond. Maybe it’s a certain notch on your belt. Maybe it’s only seeing a four pack instead of a six pack. Or maybe you don’t allow yourself to go beyond a certain body fat percentage. I’m now setting the point where I will never allow myself to get beyond ever again and it feels great to know this.

After I took my measurements and photos I went downstairs to do the first workout, which was a density training workout. It was definitely a challenge and I performed some exercises that I’ve never done before, which made it fun. The entire workout lasted 27 minutes for me and that was all the activity that was necessary.

Here are the foods that I ate for the day…

French toast for breakfast. That was Angie’s Mother’s Day treat ;)
2 Brownies
Deviled eggs
7 slices of pizza
2 more brownies
1 piece of cherry pie
4 chocolate chip cookies
small bowl of Bryer’s Mint Chocolatey Chip ice cream

I wasn’t overly full at any point. Never uncomfortable, and always satisfied.

Normally I have one or two cheat meals per week. Often times it’s pizza and a chocolate bar once per week and maybe one other treat during the week such as cookies or a chocolate bar. So this was more junk than I’d ever think of consuming. Although I was never over full, I don’t plan on eating as much junk during the cheat day for the next cycle. I think I just got wrapped up in the whole cheat day thing ;)

So obviously no problems to report for today. That was the easiest diet day that I’ve ever had ;)

I’m looking forward to reporting back to you tomorrow and sharing my progress. Thanks for being a part of my journey. I appreciate the accountability and support.

To achieving your limitless potential,

Fat Loss Expert Scott Tousignant

Scott Tousignant

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