The purpose of my review is to provide you with the best information to help you make a wise and educated investment in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet as well as share some very valuable insights that will help you make the most out of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet and achieve the best results possible.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet ResultsThis review is based on my personal experience of following the 25 day Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Challenge as well as the experiences of many people within my support community who embarked on this 25 day journey along with me.

A review of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet wouldn’t be 100% honest and complete without a fun picture of me posing ;) That actually felt awkward… I’m not use to flexing or posing :D But I sure had fun with it though and it was a great way to celebrate the success that I’ve had with this program in such a short period of time.

Before I get into the results that I experienced, it’s important to understand why I made the decision to take part in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet…

Why Did I Follow The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet?

I’m on a mission to get in the best shape of my life by July 3rd 2010 when I will be enjoying the beaches of Turks and Caicos. In order to achieve that goal I needed to lose the last 10 pounds of stubborn lower belly fat. For two weeks prior to making my decision to follow the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet I had hit a bit of a plateau with my fat loss and I needed to blast through it.

I looked at this as a great opportunity to put the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet to the test and see if it actually works. This diet is unlike anything that I’ve tried before and it was definitely a step outside of my comfort zone, which is exactly what I needed.

The thing that helped me make my final decision was the challenge aspect of it. I thrive off of challenges and I wanted to prove to myself that I could stick to this diet for the complete 25 day challenge. Any time that I heard someone say that I was crazy for following the plan it actually motivated me even more to stick with the diet to the very end.

Does The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Work?

I set out to release 5 to 10 pounds of stubborn belly fat when I began this 25 day Xtreme Fat Loss journey. As you may be aware of, those last 10 pounds are always the hardest to lose as our body wants to hold onto it.

At the end of the 25 days I had released 5.8 pounds and 2.8% body fat. Here are the pictures that I took after the final day. The sun was not as friendly to me as it was in the previous pictures ;)

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet ResultsXtreme Fat Loss Diet ResultsXtreme Fat Loss Diet Results

Day 1

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Day 1

Day 6

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Day 6

Day 11

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Day 11

Day 16

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Day 16

Day 21

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Day 21

Day 26

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Final Results

Now lets compare these pictures to those that I took at the beginning of each cycle… By the way, make note that I was wearing a belt in my final pictures. My shorts were ‘literally’ falling off me and I can no longer wear them without using a belt ;)

The number results such as weight and body fat percentage are important to me, but not nearly as important as what I see visually. Bottom line… I want to look great!

Now lets compare these numbers to typical fat loss results. The best recommendation is to set a goal of achieving one to two pounds of fat loss per week (7 days). Each cycle of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet was only 5 days and I averaged over one pound of fat loss every 5 days, which falls in line with typical great fat loss results.

Am I Happy With The Results?

In one of my first posts while documenting my journey on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet I mentioned that I would be ecstatic if I had released 5-10 pounds of fat from my body. So yes… I am definitely very pleased with the results and ecstatic with what I’m seeing in the mirror and in my pictures.

But I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed. The only reason that I’m slightly disappointed is because the name of the program is Xtreme and promises some really big claims. Had it been called by any other name and not had the hype behind it I would feel nothing but incredible excitement and joy.

This has been an interesting phenomenon within my support community…

Other People’s Xtreme Fat Loss Results

Among the members of my support community results ranged from 5 to 16 pounds of weight loss during the 25 day Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Challenge. Like me, if these individuals would have released 5 to 16 pounds in just 25 days without hearing the big claims of 25 pounds in 25 days and knowing the Xtreme nature of the program, they would have been doing cartwheels in the streets. But like me, they felt slightly disappointed that they didn’t do better.

I’ve been spending some time reassuring them that their results are fantastic!

Many of these individuals struggled to stick to a diet program in the past, so the fact that they completed the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Plan is a huge reason to celebrate.

Let’s Put Things Into Perspective…

These results were achieved in just 25 days! But here’s the really important thing… 5 out of those 25 days were cheat days where we got to eat whatever we wanted. I encourage you click on the links at the end of this post and look at my cheat days… It was pure gluttony!

Seriously, I’ve rarely eaten that much junk in my entire life. I probably ate more junk during those 5 cheat days than I have during the past eight months. Yet, I still released 5.8 pounds of stubborn fat in just 25 days!

Compared To Other Diets…

One of the questions that my wife Angie had asked me may be one that is going through your mind right now… “Could I have achieved the same results if I followed another diet plan such as Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle?”

If I created the same caloric deficit through diet and exercise and included a refeed day every fourth day as I typically do on Tom’s Burn The Fat program I do believe that I would have achieved very similar results… but that’s me, and Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is a program that I really enjoy and suits me really well.

For others, I’m not so sure if they would have experienced similar results on a different program. If they created the same caloric deficit as on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet they absolutely would have achieved similar results, but there is something about the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet that really resonated with many people and helped them stick with it to the end. I’ll get to that in a moment, but it is important to note that nearly everyone in my support community stuck with the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet for the complete 25 days, which is tremendous! Only a few people didn’t follow it all the way through, but they mentioned that they were not disappointed and that they had learned some very valuable tips from Xtreme Fat Loss that they will continue to apply.

It’s also important to note that there was a great variety of people who were following the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet along with me. There were several beginners as well as some people who, like me, were looking to release those last 5 to 10 pounds of stubborn fat.

Was I Able To Follow The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Perfectly?

I was able to follow the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet and workout plan nearly to a ‘T’, but I did have a few minor slip ups. During one of the moderate carb days I had a few handfuls of chips. During one of the depletion days I munched on a couple chips and nacho dip. During another moderate carb day I had 2 slices of pizza as my source of carbs for the day. On the last cheat day I had a glass of wine. That’s not too bad, but alcohol is suppose to be avoiding during the 25 day challenge. So all in all I stuck with it really well.

Obstacles and Challenges

During the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet 25 day challenge I certainly faced my fair share of challenges. My daughter turned 7 during this time and we had a few different parties for her. One for her friends and a few days later for her family. Angie baked a cake for each of those parties and it was difficult not to indulge and cave into the temptation.

The Canadian holiday Victoria Day weekend fell in the middle of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet 25 day challenge. There were lots of parties to attend and lots of barbecues going on. I was surrounded by many people indulging in food and alcoholic beverages ;) This was not easy. The good thing is that the moderate carb day and the high protein day fell on the weekend so I was able to barbecue chicken and fish and not feel like I was standing out in the crowd.

Travel was an issue that came up with some of the members in my support community, but they were able to work around it by planning ahead of time. One of the the members had a half marathon during the 25 day challenge and she had to make some slight modifications to the diet so she would have enough fuel in her system to finish the race. She completed the half marathon in a great time and was very happy with herself.

It was great to hear from members of my support community after they faced an obstacle or setback and said that they typically would have caved in, throw in the towel, and give up any other time, but this time they actually pushed through and stuck with the program.

About The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

To give you a bit of an idea about the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, here’s what it’s about…

It begins with a cheat day! Have you ever been on a diet that starts with a cheat day? Day two is a fast day where you drink water and consume a determined amount of branched chain amino acids. Day three is a shake day. Day four is a moderate carb day and Day five is a very high protein day. You can consume as much veggies as desired any day except the fast day.

As you can see, supplementation is a part of the program with the BCAA’s and protein powder. The cost for supplements for the course of the 25 day plan was approximately $200 for me. Before you freak out, I guarantee that I would have spent much more on food in place of those supplements during that time. The supplements cover 5 fast days and 5 shake days. That’s 10 days where you would otherwise need to purchase food to eat, so “It all works out in the wash” as they say. ;)

I have the Deluxe Package of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, which I highly recommend. It comes with a 25 day meal plan and recipes as well as many recipes for smoothies. My family was already big fans of Prograde Protein, but after trying a variety of new recipes and consuming more than normal amounts of smoothies, we are now totally hooked on the Prograde smoothies. You can see my daughter enjoying a Prograde smoothie here: Oatmeal Honey and Cinnamon Smoothie

The Deluxe Package made things a lot easier on me and took out a lot of the guess work. It made planning a breeze and also came with a very useful calculator that quickly determined how many grams of carbs and protein I should be consuming for each of the days on the program as well as the best amount of BCAA’s.

My Biggest Fear

Before starting the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet my biggest fear was the fast day. I had never done a fast before and I was definitely nervous about it. Frankly, I don’t remember the last time that I had gone more than 4 hours without eating. I’ve been known to faint if I go too long without food and Angie sure didn’t let me forget that. She also told me that if I was lethargic and in bed all day during the fast days that she would ‘kill me’… she said that in her most affectionate and loving way of course ;)

To our surprise I managed to get through the fast days with ease. I’m sure that the big cheat day prior to the fast made it a lot easier on me. I don’t particularly enjoy fast days… I’d much rather eat food, but I am pretty darn proud of myself for completing five fast days and I gained some knowledge from this experience.

The fast day was a concern for other members of my support community as well, but when I asked my members what their biggest fears and limiting beliefs about embarking on the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet were, the big one was, “I’ve tried every diet out there and failed, why should this one be different?” I answered this question in a post about the Fear of Failure

Like any fat loss program there are always pros and cons. Allow me to share what I believe are the biggest pros and cons of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet…

Pros and Cons of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

PRO #1: It’s only 25 days and it’s a challenge! Challenges can bring out the best in you. Nearly everyone can put their best effort forward for just over three weeks.

PRO #2: It’s broken down into five 5 day cycles and you follow a different diet strategy each day. I believe that this is the key strategy that causes you to stick with the plan. It forces you to focus on one day at a time. “If I just get through this high protein day I get to have my cheat day tomorrow.” The five day cycle helps this diet fly by… in my opinion of course. Within my support community I would often hear, “I can’t believe I’m done this cycle already!” Then you take what you learn from the previous cycle and use it to improve upon the next five day cycle.

PRO #3: There is a strategic exercise component included in the program. Each workout is designed to enhance that specific diet strategy for the day. This is a sure way to help you get the most bang for the buck with your diet.

CON #1: The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is challenging and it would be very difficult to do this alone. If I didn’t have surround myself with the support of my community, hold myself accountable on my blog, and share this journey with my many blog readers I may not have been able to get through it.

When you follow the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet I encourage you to comment on my blog posts for each specific day to hold yourself accountable and ask any questions that you may be faced with. This is one way to help you stick with the plan.

CON #2: I’m not a fan of a total cheat day. I found that knowing the next day was a fast day I tried to eat as much junk as I possibly could without getting to the point of feeling stuffed. Although this is a strategy that may help someone stick with the program and doesn’t cause their body to go into starvation mode, I believe that it encourages the bad habit of binging on junk food and may trigger old bad habits.

I can certainly speak for myself that I do not eat anywhere near as much junk food as I did on this program. The great news is that I still lost weight. The bad news is that if my goal is to be the healthiest that I can possibly be, I shouldn’t be consuming that amount of refined crap.

There were two cycles where the majority of my calories came from junk food. Those were the cycles where my results were the lowest. The three cycles where I created a caloric surplus through eating healthier food choices such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and other natural foods as well as satisfied my sweet tooth with a few treats such as a chocolate bar and pizza I achieved much greater results. The majority of my surplus was through healthier foods, but I still cheated. My preference leans toward two cheat meals per week rather than all out cheat days.

CON #3: 25 days of straight exercise is over-training. It’s temporary over-training mind you, but it’s still tough on the body.

A big part of the program is to create a massive caloric deficit and doing in large part through exercise. Plus the workouts are strategically paired up with each diet day, so it appears necessary to follow the plan if you want optimal results.

I really enjoyed the workouts as they are much different than what I’m use to doing. It was a very nice change of pace for me. But I’m a bit tired of Bulgarian split squats, dead lifts, and Y presses right now ;)

I do know several people who followed different workout programs and still achieved good results and others had to make modifications to the program because of their lower fitness level, yet they still achieved good results.

How To Achieve The Best Results From The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

1) Plan Ahead!

Here’s a video that shows how I planned ahead in order to achieve the best results possible…

I set aside five days to ensure that I had everything in place to make the most out of the 25 day Xtreme Fat Loss Diet and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

You’ll want to read through the entire book, set your goals, plan your meals, have your protein powder and BCAA’s ready, have your journal with all the workouts in order, review the exercise videos to ensure that you know how to perform them properly, review the workouts so you fully understand what’s expected from you, and determine whether you need to make some modifications the the exercises or the workouts.

Taking the time to plan is absolutely crucial to your success!

2) Be 100% Committed!

Decide right now that you are going to stick with the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet for the complete 25 days. Let me share a quick story with you…

During day 7 and day 8 I felt like quitting the diet. If I didn’t have the support and accountability in place it’s very possible that I would have gone off the diet. That would have been a shame because after those two bad days I began experiencing great results. If I had gone off the diet I wouldn’t have these great “AFTER” pictures to share with you. If I had quit the diet I would not feel the great sense of satisfaction and confidence that I’m experiencing today.

Commit yourself 100% to the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet because you will face some obstacles along the way and you definitely want to overcome those obstacles so you can experience the results that you deserve.

3) Don’t Go Overboard on Cheat Days

As I mentioned previously in this post, the cheat days where I created my caloric surplus through mostly healthy food choices along with a few treats such as a chocolate bar, ice cream, and pizza, I achieved the best results. The cheat days where most of my calories came from junk food produced the lowest results for those particular cycles.

4) Drink Lots of Water and Take Multi-Vitamins on Fast Days and Shake Days

The two days where I felt like quitting the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet fell on a fast day and a shake day. The only difference between those two days and the other fast and shake days was that I didn’t drink enough water and I forgot to take my Prograde VGF Plus25 Multi-Vitamin.

5) Follow My Posts

I recommend that you follow along with my blog posts as you go through the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. Start with my post for Day 1 and see what I ate and how I made the most out of that day. Leave a comment to let me know how you are doing and then move onto Day 2. It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and compare your journey to mine and other people who are following Xtreme Fat Loss as well.

6) Decide If You Will Add One More Cycle

I have had many people ask me if they can continue following the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet beyond the 25 day challenge. Joel has recommending to add no more than one more 5 day cycle bringing it to a total of 30 days. After that you will reach a point of diminishing returns. This program is designed to be a temporary solution, which brings me to the next important point…

7) Have a Plan For After The 25 Day Challenge

You need to plan in advance for what you are going to do once you complete the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet 25 day challenge. If you achieve your fat loss goal are you going to set a goal to simply maintain those results or are you going to follow a plan that will build sexy and lean muscle.

If you still have fat to lose, what plan will you follow in order to continue making great progress and reach your ultimate goal? If you are comfortable with Joel’s nutrition style you may want to follow his Cheat Your Way Thin Diet.

I know many others who are planning on following Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat program once they complete the Xtreme Fat Loss 25 day challenge.

What’s Next For Scott?

Now that I’ve completed the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet I am going to take a few days off to rest my body and then I will begin Tom Venuto’s Holy Grail Body Transformation Program. These are slightly more advanced techniques than what Tom teaches in his Burn The Fat program and it’s designed to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

My goal during the next 14 weeks is to release this last 4 to 5 pounds of stubborn belly fat and then gain 6 pounds of muscle while following the Holy Grail Body Transformation Program.

I will definitely be looking my absolute best and totally ripped for my beach vacation on July 3rd which is just 29 days away ;) I can’t wait to share pictures from that trip with you.

Final Thoughts

I’m really glad that I took part in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet 25 day challenge. I feel a great sense of achievement and I’m definitely happy with what I see in the mirror. The results may not have been Xtreme, but they are great!

If you enjoy a challenge, desire to release those last 10 pounds of stubborn fat, have hit a fat loss plateau, or would like a jump start to begin your fat loss journey, I definitely recommend the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. It’s not easy, but it produces really good results in just 25 days.

I would like to extend a great big thank you to everyone who has shared this journey with me. You inspired me and help me achieve the best results that I could have achieved from this program. You made this journey a lot more enjoyable and rewarding. Thanks a million!

Now it’s time to continue my transformation. I look forward to sharing my new adventures with you and hopeful inspire you in the process!

To achieving your limitless potential,

Fat Loss Expert Scott Tousignant

Scott Tousignant

PS If you have followed the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet I would love to hear your feedback about the program in the comment box below. I’m sure that everyone will appreciate it and it will make this review even more complete.

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