Quick Weight Loss – Lose 7lbs in 7 days

Generally, quick weight loss strategies are not advisable and your best bet is to aim for weight loss of approx. 1 – 2 lbs per week. However, some people lose patience easily and need to see substantial weight loss results to be motivated to continue in their weight loss efforts.

Some quick weight loss plans that are better than others. The point of a quick weight loss diet plan must not simply be to induce weight loss, but also to reset your palate. Resetting you taste buds will change your food preferences and predilection for snacks and fast foods so that you continue to choose foods conducive to maintaining your dream weight – long after the diet is over.

Juicing can be a good method to lose weight quickly, as it corrects your palate and stops cravings of calorie-rich foods. It also produces significant weight loss and a good juicing plan is likely to meet much of your vitamin and mineral requirements – a problem on many fad diets.

Fresh juices are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, chlorophyll, carotenes, flavonoids and other nutrients. Fruit and vegetables are fresh and haven’t lost any of their nutrients through cooking.
Juicing “pre-digests” the vegetables and fruits, which substantially aids the digestion and absorption of nutrients by the body. Where a salad can be difficult to digest to some, a vegetable juice is incredibly to absorb.
Able to consume a much greater array and amount of fruit and vegetables than a conventional diet and certainly a conventional low calorie diet.

This type of plan can be especially helpful to those who have been indulging in poor food choices and suffer the consequences of a sluggish digestive system and poor nutrient absorption. In fact, juicing has many advocates who believe that freshly juiced fruits and vegetable can make significant improvements to health. Fruit and vegetables are full of nutrients that act as digestive aids, antioxidants, anti-carcinogens, immune stimulants and much more.
Research clearly shows that liquid calorie diets work. The problem often is that they can be monotonous, such that few people can stick to them. However, juicing side-steps this, as it is not wearisome and unpleasant tasting like many drinks on meal replacement plans.
7 Day juice plan to lose 7lbsThis juice detox by Jason Vale (7lbs in7 days Super Juice Diet) is an ultra-quick method to reshape your body, while promising to provide you with all the nutrients your body needs. This juice plan promises quick weight loss to help you lose 7lb in only 7 days. You’ll need the 7 day drinking schedule and the recipes for the juices.

Although this quick weight loss plan involves drinking only juices, the juices are freshly made and supplemented with Spirulina (is an algae and the most protein-rich natural protein source and contains all essential amino acids needed by the body) and psyllium husks (full of fiber). Despite the low calories, many do not feel hungry or deprived on the diet.

For the quick weight loss plan to work, follow the seven-day plan exactly – all the juices have been carefully calculated to ensure you get the jasmine live optimum nutrients.
Exercise every day. The morning and evening sessions can be anything you choose, e.g. walking, jogging, dancing, cycling, swimming.
Always make fresh juice and drink it fresh whenever you are able. Fresh is best. If circumstances wont allow, the next best thing is to make some juice, add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice (acts as a natural preservative) and seal it straight away.Then put it in the refrigerator. Drink the juice within 8 hours. With every passing hour , the juice loses more and more nutrients.
Preparation is the vital.
If you’re not hungry, don’t eat – irrespective of the time. Often people find they don’t need all 5 recommended juices a day.

After completing the program, slowly start eating normally. This means healthy, whole foods, NOT junk foods. So not rush into eating your normal amount of calories, as your metabolism may have slowed down. If you were to eat normally immediately and your metabolism has slowed, you will regain the weight. Therefore, start slowly and continue to exercise to stop your metabolic rate from slowing and to aid continued weight loss.

In the 7 days following the quick weight loss juicing plan, have a juice/ smoothie for breakfast. For lunch have a juice/ smoothie or an avocado/ fruit salad. Dinner can consist of something akin to whole grain rice with vegetables or fish with salad or vegetables.

The following 7 days (day 11 – 21):

Breakfast: smoothies, porridge, yogurt.
Lunch: Smoothy, fruit, yogurt, rye/ pitta bread with healthy toppings (e.g. avocado, feta cheese, salad)
Dinner: Brown rice with steamed vegetables, salad, fish. Soups, etc.
Generally people find their food tastes have changed dramatically (for the better) by the time they’ve completed the program. Try to hold onto these benefits by ensuring that after the program 60% – 80% of your food consists of high-water content “live” foods. Examples of such include fruits, vegetables, juices and smoothies. The rest of the live privates foods should consist of lean proteins (e.g. chicken, fish), whole-grain carbohydrates (e.g. rice, bread), potatoes, nuts, seeds and some dairy products.

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